Greg Natali Home Improvement
1408 Stotesbury Ave
Glenside, PA 19038

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When it comes to painting, balancing price with quality is our specialty.  We have painted everything from muti-million dollar homes to post boxes.  Although we do many interior jobs, our specialty is working on exterior at height, for example, third floor dormer windows, or A-frame peeks.   This is not work for the "average Joe" but with our ladder experience and safety equipment it is not a problem. 

The right materials couldn't be more important in these times of severe weather and changing trends.  Whether it's oil based primer, latex, stain or custom faux, we have the experience to satisfy your needs.  The paint finishes are important too, High Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin, Eggshell or Flat.  In the past Semi-Gloss and Flat paints were predominately used but now it's switched to Eggshell and Satins to accommodate changing needs.

Prep work is by far the most important part of painting.  From using the right drop cloths, to scraping, sanding,  spackling, and repairing wood,  it's all necessary so that once that finish coat goes on, it will look right and last long.

Some businesses use sprayers to coat a deck.  However, only back brushing the stain, sealer will make sure that it does not peel or flake.   The number one piece of equipment in painting is the brush for a perfect job.  We do use sprayers and rollers in some instances, but most importantly we always use the right tool for the job!

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