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Cleaning your roof properly will lengthen the life of the roof.
The mold algae (also known as 'gloeocapsa magma') which causes black stains attaches itself to asphalt shingles.  Limestone is added to the shingles to give them weight and substance and that is what the algae eat.  In areas under trees, with water run off and on the shady side of the roofs these algae are most prevalent.
Did you know that as many as 50% of all roof replacements are done unnecessarily because of the appearance of moss, algae or lichen, when they could have been restored to near-original condition  by a thorough professional cleaning?

We are proud to announce that we have developed a system to restore your old unsightly roof to its former glory and to expand its life at the same time.  This will save you money and prevent a costly unnecessary roof replacement

Improve your curb appeal!

Peaked roofs that are covered with moss/algae or black streaks make a house seem like it is dirty on inside too. Cleaning that roof is better than getting a good haircut, it improves the appearance overnight.

Results speak for themselves.

For the last 10 years,   I have been perfecting cleaning roofs.  I have spoken with roofers, various product vendors, home owners, and have scoured the Internet for information about this.  I have discovered what products are best to use when washing roofs and how to remove those black streaks and stains without damaging any of the shingles. 


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